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Meet Our Team: Social Workers

Social Workers

You are not alone in this fight against cancer.

Experienced iun counseling cancer patients and their families, our oncology social workers work side by side with you and your loved ones to help you cope with each phase of treatment.

To them, you are the hero for battling the physical demands of cancer while trying to combat the disease's emotional toll on your family. It is here where our social workers are most beneficial. Through individual and group counseling programs, they can help you and your loved find the inner strength to cope with the psychological impact of cancer.

In addition to helping you ease the transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor, our social workers help you understand the maze of insurance issues, social security benefits, prescription coverage, and available financial assistance programs.

You may find that talking with a fellow cancer survivor will inspire you to keep moving forward. Our social workers can put you in touch with one of our professionally run support groups, where you will meet other people who face a common enemy. Support group meetings offer you a chance to share ideas, strategize, and develop friendships with others struggling to meet the challenges of cancer treatment. Click on one of the links below to learn more about our support groups.

You don't have to face cancer alone. Call the Cancer LifeNet Helpline at 1-866-393-4355 for support.