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Cancer LifeNet

Meet Our Team: Nurse Navigators

As part of the Cancer LifeNet program, you can meet with one of our nurse navigators when you first receive your diagnosis.

Our nurse navigators are experienced registered nurses who are certified in oncology care. Since they understand the disease process, physician network and health insurance arena, they can talk to you about why specific treatments may be helpful so you can make educated decisions that are right for you.

As the name implies, the navigator helps you navigate the healthcare system, access appropriate resources as your needs change and avoid or work around any obstacles. Your nurse navigator stays with you throughout your various treatments working with all of the physicians involved in your care.

You can look to your nurse navigator for support and answers on:

  • Symptom management
  • Community resource referrals
  • Complementary medicine
  • Health promotion for cancer survivors
  • Changing healthcare needs as you transfer from surgeon to medical oncologist to radiation therapist
  • End of life care

Contact a Navigator Nurse

You don't have to face cancer alone. Call the Cancer LifeNet Helpline at 1-866-393-4355 for support.